More support for Ultrabook and Windows 8

If you’re developing for Ultrabook devices or Windows 8 we have good news for you. Intel AppUp now supports both the landscape and portrait mode for Ultrabook devices, touch/gesture capabilities and we're testing all your apps for Windows 8 compatibility.

In a convertible Ultrabook the user can handle a particular app using his device as any regular desktop PC or as in a tablet. That means that he may want to use it in landscape or portrait mode. Before this launch, in portrait mode with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 part of the UI was automatically cropped to fit the screen. But now, Intel AppUp supports both landscape and portrait mode for a perfect display in both views. Keep in mind that you have to check that all the relevant elements of the UI should be visible in both layouts if you decide to develop your app to support portrait and landscape orientations.

Learn more about the supported resolutions for your app in our Validation Guidelines.

Now that Intel AppUp supports touch/gesture, developers can submit applications that have basic touch/gesture capabilities, while at the same time, the users will be able to perform touch gestures to interact with Intel AppUp in some key actions as to launch the client, register, login, browse the apps, and purchase.

Another new feature that Intel AppUp has enabled is Windows 8 OS platform option. Now developers will be able to submit applications that are based on Win 8 (32 bits) and/or Win 8 (64 bits) in addition to Win 7 (32/64 bits) during the application submission process. In addition to selecting the OS, developers must also select the correct runtimes that support their applications. For additional details on this and the rest of the application submission process, please read the article, “How to Submit an Application.” You can also check out our Packaging Requirements Guide, the Application Readiness Checklist and the Component Readiness Checklist.

And regarding the existing applications submitted to AppUp, they will be tested in phases to verify functionality with the Windows 8 operating system and in case there's a problem with a particular app the developer will be notified.

Stay tuned to our latest blogs and forum posts for more details and discussions around this features.

Validation Guidelines
Pagckaging Requirements Guide
Application Readiness Checklist
Component Readiness Checklist
Quick start guide
How to submit an application

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