fYO PhotoFun Turbo Charges Your Photo Experience on Facebook

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Point, shoot, delete. Point, shoot, delete. Point, shoot, yay! Taking pictures for Facebook is a delicate art. It’s one part glamour shot, one part irreverence: I don’t really care that I’m taking my own picture. After you’ve captured (or recaptured) the moment, you post it to Facebook and wait for the likes to roll in. But after a few hours, your perfect phone pic is pushed down to the bottom of top news.

So how can we have more fun with Facebook photos? Gautam Goradia, CEO and founder of Hayagriva Software, and his team have found a way to make the Facebook photo experience more dynamic with their series of apps, fYO PhotoFun. fYO, which stands for “Your Own for Facebook,” gives Facebook users a way to manage all of the pictures they and their friends are taking. Features include viewing all of your friends’ albums on one page, searching Facebook for public photos and downloading an entire Facebook album onto your computer with just one click. It also amps up the photos on Facebook by converting them into games, and allowing users to create photo collages.

With more than 250 million photos shared on Facebook daily, the team at Hayagriva sensed an opportunity to not only allow Facebook users a way to organize all of these photos, but also to have a little fun doing it. “We called it ‘Your Own (YO) Facebook’ because we wanted people to be able to create their own Facebook experience,” said Mr. Goradia.

For Hayagriva, the first step to creating a more personalized Facebook experience was to help people manage their data smartly. After that, Mr. Goradia says, “We created a clutter-free environment so the user can look at pictures from their friends and recommend pictures to others easily.”

Thanks to advances in the Ultrabook™, Hayagriva is now working with Intel to build more touch enablement into its apps. “The Ultrabook opens up touch and gesture control to developers. All of these advances will improve apps and the user experience in the short term and in the long term,” said Mr. Goradia.

If you’re ready to manage your Facebook photo experience better, and have a bit of fun doing it, download the two fYO PhotoFun Facebook apps from the Intel AppUp® center. fYO PhotoFun Dance and Games-Plus* lets you discover photo albums on Facebook easily, and converts them into a dancing slideshow, and three mind games. The more advanced version, fYO PhotoFun Home - Plus, lets you do a lot more with photos, like download an album to your computer easily, and creating photo collages.

The other series introduced by Hayagriva, is the fYO Posts Archiver series, which allows users to save important Facebook posts to their computers by subject, thereby ensuring that users never lose an important Facebook post. fYO Posts Archiver which comes in two versions, allows users to search Facebook public posts and archive them to their computers.

Download fYO Posts Archiver Home - Plus and fYO Posts Archiver Premium - Plus from the Intel AppUp center.

Hayagriva is based in Mumbai, India. The team develops rich personal information management applications for use worldwide. It aims to enhance the productivity of a computer user, and improve the way he or she works, learns, or seeks entertainment. Hayagriva is an Intel® Software Partner

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