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Man meets Ultrabook
Par Dick Brown Publié le 19/03/12 0
As a computer scientist, I’m out to comprehend lots of computing-related technologies, to a greater or lesser extent according to needs and interests.  As a professor, I would ideally like to have a pithy thumbnail overview of the most prominent technologies in my pocket, readily available to pul...
A quick glance at Array Building Blocks
Par Dick Brown Publié le 24/10/11 0
Attending my first Intel Developer's Forum, I got a chance to attend a session called the "Intel Faces of Parallelism Lab," which featured Cilk+ (convenient threads added to C++), TBB, and the current beta version of Array Building Blocks (ArBB).  ArBB is a C++ library geared towards data paralle...
On the shoulders of giants in parallel computing education
Par Dick Brown Publié le 13/02/11 3
The first tangible step in the recent surge of parallelism on our campus came five years ago last month, when three students (it’s all undergraduates at St. Olaf, a Minnesota liberal-arts college) assembled our first Beowulf cluster, as their work for a one-month team project course.  They constr...