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Introduction to Intel® SGX Sealing

4 mai 2016 | 0 commentaires

This post is intended to introduce developers to the Sealing capability available on SGX enabled platforms. Sealing is the process of encrypting enclave secrets for persistent storage to disk. This allows secrets to be retrieved if the enclave is torn down (either due to power event or by the...

How to display loops info as hot functions in command line in Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE's report

4 mai 2016 | 0 commentaires

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier provides an option to view a hierarchy of the loops in your application call tree and identify code sections for optimization. We used option "-knob collection-detail=stack-call-and-tripcount" to collect data. # amplxe-cl -c advanced-hotspots -knob collection-detail=stack-...

Multi-OS Engine Update 2 released!

2 mai 2016 | 0 commentaires

Dear Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview Users, We are delighted to announce a new update to the Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview that is available for immediate download. Here are some of the new features and fixes that we have included:

2016 台北 IoT roadshow 見面會

30 avril 2016 | 0 commentaires

  2016 Intel 物聯網 Roadshow 台北碰面在 4 月 23 日,主要介紹Intel IoT roadshow,並展現 Intel Edison 開發板的各種可能性。我們還邀請 2 家台灣 ISV: AppTog及Thlight太和光,以及 Microsoft 分享他們的專案以激發靈感。 AppTog   AppTog 是台灣軟體公司,特別著重在教育上。解決方案使用稱為 LiveCode,讓學生軟體平台可以使用 「 英文 」 做程式設計。現在demo如何利用LIveCode 在Android...

2016 Intel IoT Roadshow Taipei Meet up

30 avril 2016 | 0 commentaires

2016 Intel IoT Roadshow Taipei Meet up on April 23, the purpose is to introduce the IoT roadshow and demonstrate the various possibilities of Intel Edison. We have invite 2 Taiwan ISV: AppTog/Thlight and Microsoft to share their project to inspire the attendee. AppTog AppTog is Taiwan start-up,...

Mesh Commander v0.2.0 Released

27 avril 2016 | 0 commentaires

Intel IoT Standards and Consortiums Webinar

19 avril 2016 | 0 commentaires

Remote Secure Erase with Intel® AMT

18 avril 2016 | 0 commentaires

Remote Secure Erase with Intel® AMT and Intel® SSD Pro 1500/2500 allows IT administrators to remotely wipe the hard drive for repurposing PC or handling data on stolen PC when used with redirection capabilities such as IDE-R, KVM, Remote Power Control.

How to detect device in native code ?

17 avril 2016 | 1 commentaire

To detect device In native code,  recommand use __system_property_get. Sample code:         char value[PROP_VALUE_MAX];         __system_property_get("ro.product.cpu.abilist", value);         if(strncmp(value,"x86_64", sizeof("x86_64") - 1)){             // x86_64             printf("abi...