Benchmark server not working?

Benchmark server not working?

Hi,Besides the mail problem already reported byyodasbrainthat I also encountered, for me the benchmark system isn't working since 12AM CET (3 hours ago). I tried submiting also from the online page as someone did in the same situation yesterday, but still no results. I was expecting to have a bigger waiting time today but 3h I think is something else.Did anyone submitted and received results in the last 3 hours? How long was it before receiving the results?Thank you

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That's just a guess but there may be a problem with the mail system. We submitted our last version at 10AM and received the mail at 12AM... but the mail header indicates that the mail was sent at 10:33AM. (So ~30min wait in the bench queue and then 1,5hours to receive the mail... all of that if the clock of their mail server is correct of course).

Well I didn't receive any results for a while now. The last was at 13:35.

I 've just received the results. It lasted hour and a half . That means that the bencmark system is working.

Same here, just received the results for a submission i did 1h30m ago.

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We broke the number of mails we could send from our server.I've rerouted mails but they have more chance to go in your spam folders.

Is it just me or it's not possible to send a test on the bencmark server ?

Same problem here. The last report I got was about 1h30m ago.

same thing for us.

Xavier Hallade explained me that some teams had never submitted in the past, and that consequently they go first.I didn't have any report since a while too.

That's right.
I've paused new submissions for a while, now the queue is completely processed and you should receive your benchmarks.

Thanks Xavier, this works now :)

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