omp question

omp question

how to set KMP_LIBRARY enviroment variable in the make file, using gcc.

Thanks in advance.

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One more question:

how to use openmp with map iterator in c++ ?


I would say that you can't directly. At least for the #pragma omp for directive. It depends on your algorithm but you could try the omp tasks.

answer for my question :

but... do u (Intel) have openmp3.0 which would work with gcc (g++) ? I HOPE !

I'm pretty sure openmp 3.0 is supported, it's not so new. This link might help:
I think there was another post which states the gcc version used on the benchmark servers, so find it and check with the link.

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OpenMP 3.0 is supported since GCC 4.4. The 12-core machine uses GCC 4.6 and the 40-core machine GCC 4.5 (if I detected that correctly).

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