ERROR - Output error

ERROR - Output error


What is the signification of "ERROR - Output error" on the CompileUnitTest ?Before, my program run but now it seems that I have a problem on compilation...

Thank you

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AFAIK it means that output of your program doesn't match the output of reference code. When there's compile error, you get something like this "ERROR - binary could not be built correctly".

Ok thnaks.

But at the end of "make submit" there is an error:
"/bin/sh: 1: curl: not found
make: *** [submit] Error 127"
This is normal ? What thing I need to add to delete this error?

Thank you

You need "curl" library in order to submit your solution to server via console.
If you use Ubuntu, type in your console "sudo apt-get install curl" for install it.

Hello, curl is just not installed on your computer !
Try to install it.
You should only have to do that :
"sudo apt-get install curl"

And then it should work ! :)


Edit : You were faster than me ! :p

Timothé Viot,
Engineer student, Insa Rennes 1

Yes, it works! :)
Thank you

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