Error execution

Error execution

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I am running an application writted in intel cilk plus and compiled with icc. And in some execution I get the next error:

cilk assertion failed: w->l->type == WORKER_USER

what is it happening?

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Other error that I get is the next one:

reducer.cpp:654: cilk assertion failed: !other_map->is_leftmost

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Have you installed all of the updates? The compiler is now at version 12.0.2. Type icc -v (linux) or icl (Windows) to print the version number. The assertion you are getting sounds like a bug that was fixed in newer releases.

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Thanks for thw answer. I haven the last update. Exactly 12.0.2. I think the problem could be a bug when there are many spawns...

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> cilk assertion failed: w->l->type == WORKER_USER

This is indication that we're attempting to return from the function that started the Cilk runtime and we're not running on the thread that called the Cilk function originally.

Can we get the code to run here? If not, can you reproduce the problem in a smaller example?

- Barry

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