ifc 8.0 and mpich-1.2.5 problems with C troutines.

ifc 8.0 and mpich-1.2.5 problems with C troutines.


I compiled my program in serial mode and there is no any problem. However, I have encontered problems with mpi Linking. The following is my make file

F90 = mpif90
P3_PREPROC= $(F90) -fpp
P3_COMP = $(F90) $(OPT_LEVEL) -L/opt/mpich/intel_ia32/lib -fpp -DUSING_MPI -c -lmpich -lpmpich
P3_LINK = $(F90) $(OPT_LEVEL) -L/opt/mpich/intel_ia32/lib $(INCLUDEDIRS) -o $(PATHBASE)/pi3 $(FILES) -lmpich -lpmpich

After finishing the compilation process, I have found that there is a problem in Linking with the following errors:
undefined reference to `mpi_send_' (and all functions related to mpi)

I have checked the path and there is no problem. Moreover, I have one subroutine is written in C.

My questions:

1- How can I solve this problem?
2- Can C-subroutine be a probelm?

Waiting your reply


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