Installation problems of Intel Fortran on Ubuntu 9.04

Installation problems of Intel Fortran on Ubuntu 9.04


I have been trying to install an Intel Fortran (v. 11.0) compiler on Ubuntu distribution (v. 9.04 updated later to 9.10) but without success. The installation process completes normally, but when I type the 'ifort' command, I got the message 'command not found'. I was told that I have to change my .bashrc file to account for the installed Intel Fortran. How to do that, and how to account for the changes (restart the computer, simply save the .bashrc file, or do something else). What kind of commands do I need to add to this file. Please help me and be simple because I am beginner with Linux.

Another question, how can I include 'Redistributabe Libraries' file into the installation process. I was not asked to process that file during the installtion.

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