MJPEG decoder - chroma decoding issue

MJPEG decoder - chroma decoding issue

Here is the issue with chroma decoding.
I feed to decoder the file:

And get decoded:

The picture is coded as JC_YCBCR with subsampling JS_422
If I decode this picture into JC_GRAY - I get goot quality grayscale picture.
But if I require to decode this picture into the colorspace and subsampling
as it is coded internally: JC_YCBCR with subsampling JS_422
I see wrong image.

How to fix it?

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How do you set the output video format? some samle code may be helpful here:
I see from the MJPEG sample code, it needs to set as YUY2:

if(JS_422 == sampling && JC_YCBCR == color)
m_colorFormat = YUY2;
m_frameStep = m_frameDims.width*2;


My code is there^
jerr = m_decoder.ReadHeader(&in_width, &in_height, &in_channels, &in_color, &in_sampling, &in_precision);
// Allocate buffer here

jerr = m_decoder.SetDestination(p42xP4, n42xStepP4, dim4xxY, in_channels, in_color, in_sampling, 8, scale);
jerr = m_decoder.ReadData();

In this code colorspace and sampling are exactly as coded in compressed JPEG image.
I do so, to avoid redundant color convertions inside of decoder.
Why should I change it?

In IPP 6.1 everithing worked fine.
Why it has been changed?


Problem still exists with ipp-samples ver. 7.0.7. with JPEG 4:2:2 YCbCr. Is it possible to avoid YUY2 in output and get YUV422?

Possibly i have to change 2928 line in jpegdec.cpp from

status = ippiYCbCr422_8u_P3C2R(pSrc8u,srcStep,pDst8u,dstStep,roi);

to something else, or add some other conversion?

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