installation of iFortran

installation of iFortran

Dear all,

I downloaded l_fcompxe_2011.9.293.tgz. Can I install it under Cygwin with Win7 environment? It is supposed to be for Linux while Cygwin emulates Unix.

I extracted files from the above compressed .tgz, but errors occured when I tried to install it with the command:

$ ./, (I saw this file in the folder after extraction.)

The error information is below:
./ : line 300 : /sbin/ldconfig: no such file or directory

Could you please help solve this problem? Thanks.

Best Regards


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Read the cygwin faq. Cygwin doesn't offer linux emulation. It works well as a shell enviornment with windows ifort installed normally. Ifort can't make a "native cygwin" application (linked against cygwin .dll), although (for 32-bit applications only) the cygwin link and libtools should work.

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