Trace Analyzer Segmentation Fault

Trace Analyzer Segmentation Fault

Whenever I run my code with 2 or 4 processes, the trace analyzer works fine. However, if I run my code on 6 or more processors, when I run the trace analyzer gui with the created .stf file, it works for a few seconds but soon after crashes with a segmentation fault. Are there limitations associated with the trace analyzer? Or is it more likely a limitation caused my system?Thanks in advance!KS

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Hi KS,

Could you please attach the trace file for further investigation? It's rather TraceAnalyzer's issue but we need to check it. BTW, Linux or Windows version? And good to know ITAC version as well.


Thanks for the response!I'm running the linux version, here's the build #:l_itac_p_8.0.3.04_intel64I attached the trace files associated with with one of the runs causing the GUI to seg fault.-Kevin

Sorry, Kevin,
I don't see any attachment.


Ah, I uploaded but didn't attach, should be there now! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the trace! I could reproduce the issue with ITAC 8.0 Update 3.
I've tested the same scenario with version 8.1 and there was no crash. Hopefully the issue has been fixed.
Version 8.1 is not available for download yet, but I hope that it will be some time this Fall.

Best wishes!

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