What are you using ArBB for ?

What are you using ArBB for ?

A question for you users of ArBB. What kind of applications have you been using ArBB for?
If you have used ArBB successfully or not, do you have it documented somewhere? a blog or a publication?

I am interested in figuring out what the "killer app" (or domain) for ArBB is (or domain).

I am thankful for all input.

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Hello, I am your primary technical contact for your continued exploration of the product on whatif. The Intel ArBB Beta program ended November 11th, 2011. We have decided to transition Intel ArBB to our research and exploration portal at whatif.intel.com to broaden exposure of the technology to a broader audience. If you havent already done so, please also evaluate Intels other parallel programming tools including Intel Cilk Plus and Intel Threading Building Blocks(Intel TBB) that allow you to take advantage of threading and vectorization in your applications. Once again, thank you for your interest in the wide variety of parallel programming models that Intel has to offer.

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