Convert Additive to Normal automatically

Convert Additive to Normal automatically

Hi. We have a ton of animations that were exported as Additive animations.We would like to convert them to normal animations (non-additive).Exporting them all again in maya will take a very long time.I was thinking of writing a program to load in the havok animation files, modify them, and then save them out as non-additive.I have tried just setting the hkaAnimationBinding blend hint to NORMAL, but that doesnt work. I'm assuming the data is modified somehow.Is there a mathematical way to revert the additive animation data to normal data?Does Havok already have a way to do this?Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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Also, we are using Havok 7.10r1



I was thinking of trying to get the skeleton position from the first frame, and adding that back into the frame transforms.

Still trying to find a way to do this.

Is it even possible?

Hey jbrindle,

Are you using compressed animations? If
so I would highly recommend re-exporting from Maya as you would have to uncompress
and recompress the animations in addition to converting each pose in each
animation from additive to non-additive.

If you aren't using compressed
animations, what you want to do *is* possible, though I would still recommend
re-exporting the animations in Maya as it is a lot safer.


Nick S.
Developer Support Engineer

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