Code reuse

Code reuse

It may be a silly question, but are we allowed to use code that is not written by us? The solutions from past contests have valueable code for parallelization. It's clear that authors can reuse that code if they are participating again, but can the rest of us use those solutions?

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I don't see any reasons why you couldn't.In any case, I don't think that you can reuse much code, only take some inspiration from it.

All our code is inspiration (and transpiration): from the sample code, algorithms on the internet, ideeas on the forum etc. with some personal touch (like hacks and other optimizations). This time I was thinking more of copying an entire file from the internet, not just use the idea in there and adapt it to my problem.

You are allowed to use libs etc. So why shouldn't you use something else? I guess it would be a good idea to preserve credits and stuff.

EDIT: This is wrong, I am sorry, I misunderstood the rules. Actually, I did not read it carefully enough. What the following posts say is true.

Thank you seb.eder. I didn't know we are allowed to use libs.

You are only allowed to use libs present on the test environment if I'm right and I'm pretty sure I'm right cause the rules says :"Use of other external libraries is prohibited."You could be disqualified if you are using some external libraries.

it's better that you don't use the entire code. you shoud take the central idea of them and learn how the autors implements the paralelization in their cases

I gave up the idea anyway. I was thinking to reuse the pthreads pool (creation/management) code from someone's solution in Acceler8 2011, but I'll stick to openmp in the end, it's simplier and the remaining time is so little.

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