(Intel) people, please explain...

(Intel) people, please explain...

This thread is for still unanswered questions about program implementation.

1. Names of sequences in input files:
Will all of them start with: >test_sequence_?
What is the biggest number in the name of the test sequence?

2. minMatchLength:
What is the largest and the smallest minMatchLength, that will be tested?

3. Characters in files:
Do we have to check them or all of them will be valid?

If I have missed something, feel free to add...

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1.2. Please tell how much it matters and why you can't implement a fast solution without this information.3. The only good question.
Edit: Regarding 2., they have said thatminMatchLength>=2.

Hi,we will use only valid files, don't worry about that.

First question is important for sorting the sequences etc.

Thanks for answer to the second one!

Quote> they have said thatminMatchLength>=2.

did they ? 6<=M<=2^32, wasn't it ? or don't I understand it ?

There is no particular format for the sequences names and minMatchLength will be >= 6 in our tests.

Can you please tell me how to make my code run with intel compiler on your machine? I'm using tbb. Simple commenting GCC an uncommenting ICC doesn't work for me.

You can test icpc on your machine first, using for example a LiveCD :http://software.intel.com/fr-fr/forums/showthread.php?t=104631&o=a&s=lrThe last error you have on the benchmark service is thatmem_align is not declared.

So far i use that minMatchLength is always smaller than 256 and the largest possible equal string is smaller than 2^16. I am passing the benchmarks. Can i rely on passing the evulation tests too?

Xavier can you tell me why on my last upload we got this message

error on a 12-cores HT machine :
error during benchmark: program has been killed, it may have taken a bit too much time.

I would appreciate if you answer us as quickly as possible.
Thanks in advance

Taking a wild guess, I'd say that your program was killed because it took a bit too much time :) So it's probably too slow.

your program must be ready to accept any size of test sequence and of minMatchLength

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