Id returned 1 error

Id returned 1 error

Hi, I am codeing in C++ and I am using Dev C++ as an editor.Now, I have a problem :(Sometimes, i get an error message after compiling and than my code does not run :(the error message is:
"permission deniedid returned 1 exit status"does anyone know how to fix that?

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Hi,Are you using linux or windows ?If you're using linux, the problem might be with permissions.If you get an error sometimes, it can be because your program is already running when you try to re-build it (actually re-link it, as 'ld' refers to the linker).Also, Dev C++ is pretty bugged, and never updated . Have you tried it with another one (Code::Blocks or MS Visual Studio) ?

hi,thx for the advices, but I am using Windows, and the program was not alredy running :(i have tried visual c++ and codeblocks, but i used to code in dev c++ until i got this error ;)thx i will try visual c++ now :D

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if u under Win7, run the visual studio as administrator. or u can go to the control panel and disable the permition option.
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