Get acquainted with other programmers

Get acquainted with other programmers

Hi, I taught that it would be great to know all the other programmers, so I am creating this thread, and I would like that everyone says something about himself or herself :Dso about me:I am Kristijan from Croatia, and I am still going to high schoolI am Codeing in C++ using OpenMP

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I'm Nick from Patras, Greece.
Studying in Telecommunication Systems and Networks dept in Naupaktos.

I'll be coding mostly C on top of the C++ source using OpenMP.

Hi,My name is Jrmie, I'm in M2 in Grenoble, France.If it interests someone, I am currently coding in C++ with openMP, but it may evolve...Good luck to all.

Hi everybody,My name is Stevan, & i 'm from Novi Sad, Serbia.I use Intel Composer and currently coding with TBB and CILK.Good luck!

I am Michael from Egypt, I am studying computer engineering in Cairo Unversity.
I am coding in C++ and OpenMP.

I am Mahmoud from Egypt, I am studying computer engineering at Cairo Unversity.
I am coding in C++ and OpenMP.

I'm Yuri Hoffmann from Brazil
Currently studying computer science at Pontifcia Universidade Catlica de Minas Gerais
Coding in c++ with openMP and TBB
Good luck to all

Not to be cocky, but are you aware that "The contest is open to residents of countries in Europe and Africa and
in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan"?

Yes, but i was registered in the "Professors can enroll their entire class in the contest" way and they allowed.

Plus, I most probably am not elegible for the prize (since the prize is given by intel in europe and russia) but the competition is still a nice experience, even without the prize, aint it.

All right then, sounds good. I just wanted to make sure that this doesn't come to you as a "surprise" when the contest is over.

Hi everybody.

I'm Vincent Reverdy, from France and I am studying Astrophysics, Cosmology and General Relativity.
I am not yet registered but I will be soon (as soon as I will succeed in producing a relevant implementation).

I hope that everybody will have fun in the contest.

Hi,I'm Maxime Riviere, from France (near Marseille) and i'm studying informatic and microelectronic.We've already participate to this contest two times with farcellier and have a lot of fun to participate to this contest.We're coding in C+++ using TBB.

I'm Benjamin Drung from Berlin (capital of Germany) and studying computer engineering at the TU Berlin.
This contest fits perfectly in the parallel programming class.
We are coding in C++ using OpenMP. We probably switch to simple pthread for performance reasons.

At the begining of the contest, there was an other thread on almost the same topic, so I will re-introduce myself here :)I'm Cedric Andreolli and I'm studying computer engineering at the INSA of Rennes. such as Rimaxime, I already participated on the last contest and it was a very good opportunity to learn a lot of stuff on parallel programming. We are using openMP and c++.

Hi everybody!

I am Sebastian from the Technical University of Munich. And right now, I am quite intimidated by your OpenMP and C++ skills ;-) Here in our team, we did not code C/C++ for years. But if you get into it again, it is easy, isn't it?

And actually, we are trying to get some clues about a more formal view on parallelism.


I am Milena from Serbia, studying at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. We are using OpenMP and C, and consider switching to pthread.

Best wishes!

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