Benchmarking machine times out during unzip

Benchmarking machine times out during unzip

Hello,I am currently trying to upload my code to the benchmarking service.I do get a response email, however there's a timeout during the unzip operation, even though my file is only 2.7KB in size and it unzips with no problems on my system.The mail says: "error on a 12 cores machine :couldn't unzip submission -> timeout of command execution, >1500ms."I have tried it several times but to no avail.Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Hi,I will look into it tomorrow.can you compare the md5 sum of your file with the one the benchmark service returns ?did you put your files in the root of the zip file, not in a subdirectory ?

It seems that my browser(Midori) was the problem. I didn't verify it yet, but I assume it was the caseI've switched browsers and now the upload works for me.

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