download for 64 bits machine

download for 64 bits machine

HiI just wonder if TBB is released for 64 bits windowsThanksLong

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yes, it support intel64 architecture on windows.--Vladimir

Thanks, do you know what version should I use?

A latest stableTBB and this is aversion 4 update 3.

HiI look in the zip file, I only see binaries for ia32\vc8-10 and intel64 for vc8-10, don't we have ia64 for vc10?If not, can I just take the source code and compile in ia64\vc10?ThanksLong

Please take a look at a Commercially Alligned Release Update 3. For example, 'tbb.vcproj' has64-bit configurations, that is Debug and Release.

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hi Long,Intel Itanium processor family is supported for Linux* systems only, we have not tested it on windows. For 64-bit systems we supportIntel 64 architecture. Maybe someone else ported it toIntel Itanium architecture.--Vladimir

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