More than one Solution

More than one Solution

What should be the output format, if there is more than one solution for single file??

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From the software is given several files as input, the output should be the results of each file, separated by a line break, with output lines respecting the order of the input files.Good luck!Regards,Mohamed

Still you didn't answer my question :) ... If a SINGLE file has more than one solution, i.e. there are more than one submatrix with same maximum sum ... how should the output look like .

Sorry for the irrelevant answer :)I think there are 2 options:- Printing all the correct answers in consecutive lines.- Printing any of the correct answers.I think the second option is more reasonable and makes sense.Regards,Mohamed

i guess making two output files is also a solution!

i asked them directly and they said that printing one solution is ok, but you can make print all the others but in single line corresponding to input

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