Package Power of Intel SB

Package Power of Intel SB

Hi guys,

I have just seen in the Developer manuals, that the actual power consumption of the cpu package is written to the MSR 0x611. I am now wondering about 2 things:
1.) What exactly is included in the package. It seems that the cores, l3-cache and system agent (SB) are included, but what about the IO power planes that are fead by the VCCIO (for SB)? Are these included as well?
2.) How is the power consumption calculated? Is it the requeseted VID from the PCU multiplied with the correlated current coming from the VRs? Or is really the actual supply voltage taken for the calculation?

I hope you can help me in finding the correct answers :)

Many thanks,

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Hello Fabian
I'm checking on these questions.
I'll get back to you soon.

Hello Fabian,
For 1), the IO power is included in the package power.
For 2), Intel has not publicly disclosed the details of the power calculation so I can't provide any details.
What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps there is another way to help.

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