How and where do I open a BLog for the competition?

How and where do I open a BLog for the competition?

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It is mentioned that running a blog can earn few extra points. Where do I open it exactly (for the English competition)? Thanks.

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Hi, good question ! Here is the answer --If you are logged in at ISN, you can reach the Content Management System at
--enter the title, it will also form the url so please choose carefully
--enter an abstract and the content in the description field.
--Write your Article ( you can cchoose between the HTML or text mode) The Article will not be online yet. Indeed, it has to be reviewed by your ISN contact ( me ) before publishing. As soon as the article is reviewed, it will be published and visible on the ISN homepage, or on the article page here. : If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or contact me at Anthony.

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