Problem bounds and system info

Problem bounds and system info

Hi, Suppose an input file would contain a matrix with M rows and N colums. Then assume we are given K files. Could we know the maximum values for M, N, K. It's just that we have to know how far can we go with the improvements because indeed we can assume we won't be given 500Gb files but still 100 files of .5Gb each won't go into memory. Also how big is the cache from the testing system and what's the limit for dynamic or static memory when we run. These is common information. We can all make assumptions but still some coordination might be of use for us all.j.

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Just imagine you are a software vendor, building a software solution that will run today and tomorrow on computers from all over the world. If your solution only works for a specific cache size, or for 40 cores but not 8 or 200it's bot a good solution.

Same thing for the 100 files of 5Gb, I am not saying I will give 5Gb input files but a parallel software that will load everything in memory instead of having a flexible queue is not a good parallel software.

Parallel is one thing, but flexible andscallable is another thing. That's the meaning of this contest : build flexible and scalable solutions.

Regards, paul

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