the Intel VTune Amplifier XE to analyze hotspot

the Intel VTune Amplifier XE to analyze hotspot

this link for using theIntelVTuneAmplifierXEto identify and analyze hotspot functions in your serial or parallel applicationmay it be useful

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steps(in brief):i havealreadyinstalledIntel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 on windows and i have Microsoft visual studio 2008Wheni openedMicrosoft visual studio 2008 ,i foundanicon forIntel VTune Amplifier XE 2011
ifoundin thisdirectory(C:\Program Files\Intel\VTune Amplifier XE 2011\samples\en)
tachyon.vcproj (example) when iopenedit on visualstudioand presstheNew Analysis icon (like run icon in visual)then choose (hotspots or locks and wait or ............ w.r.t what you need, for example if you want to knowA section of code that took a long time to execute ,then you have to choose hotspots option "you can know more about this option when you seeVTundocument " )


Vtune is great to find hotspots in your code. But here your code will be nested loops with a small piece of code, plus threads or some sort of parallelization.
So you already know your hotspot.

Think parallel and scallability before you try to optimize !

Regards, Paul Guermonprez

Intel Software Academic Program, Europe-Russia-MiddleEast-Africa

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