One job blocking all servers?...

One job blocking all servers?...

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Hello IntelMTLteam / Mike,

Thanks to your great support, I used to be able to submit jobs to the
queue to completion. But now, I submitted one to machine 2 and one to machine 3.
But I see:
Job id Name User Time Use S Queue
---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------- - -----
12768.acaad01 fraktal_pauliny clls-s02 335:35:4 R workq
12778.acaad01 platform2log sels 0 Q workq
12779.acaad01 platform2log sels 0 Q workq
and this does not change at all, over days. So it seems the fraktal_pauliny is taking a lot of time, ok.
But does it block all machines? It should be running on a specific
machine and the
others should still be accessible, right?

Since I need to specify a specific machine (for my license key
reasons), I tried 02 and 03:

[sels@acano01 Ocapi]$ more
qsub -lncpus=4 ./

[sels@acano01 Ocapi]$ more
#PBS -N platform2log
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -l host=acano03
#PBS -l walltime=20:00:00
time /home/sels/projects/KUL/Ocapi/Debug/ocapi 0

once for acano03 and once for acano02.
These are the queued jobs 12778 and 12779 mentioned above.

Would you know what is going on please? thanks and best regards,


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The reason for the jobs staying in the queued state, is a result of aPBSlicense issue, that we believe will be resolved shortly.

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Fixed we believe - let us know if you still see issues with the batch system.

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