Reported Threading Challenge 2011 Registration Link Issue Fixed

Reported Threading Challenge 2011 Registration Link Issue Fixed

A reported Threading Challenge 2011 Registration Link issue that sent people to the wrong page has been fixed. If you could not create a new Intel Software Network to participate in the Threading Challenge 2011 due to this problem, please go back and you should be able to register for a log-in now.

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On the contest rules page, the sentence "To enter you must register for the contest here" links to Since I already have an Intel Software Network login ID (the one that I am using to post this message under), is this all that I need to do to "register for the contest"?

That sentence is confusing to me because it implies that there is a special contest-specific form that I need to fill out. Is this true?

Daniel, you are good. We'll look at editing the sentence to make it clearer.

That sounds good. I hit the link yesterday and faced the same confusion. I was wondering whether I am in or I need to fill out any kind of form to register to the contest.

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