QR Code not a supported barcode type

QR Code not a supported barcode type

How do i configure the SDK to allow for QRCodes? Looking at the C# example BarcodeReaderForm project sample application, when i populate supported types QR Code doesn't show up. How do I enable QR codes in the MCASDK?


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Hi Alan,

The MCA SDK is configured to use a barcode loopback device that provides the same return value for the barcode reader regardless of the configuration. The loopback device is used in the SDK because the assumption is that the SDK isinstalled on a development PC that does not contain a physical barcode hardware. Can you provide a little more detail about what you are trying to do and if there is a physical barcode reader on your development platform?


Hi, Ive met some similar problems before, and i found some
important information on

a site which are all about QR Codes, especially the user guide.

You can get detailed information
on it. Its really helpful.

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