ERROR: No memory (26)

ERROR: No memory (26)

Just installed VTune DCOM on an i7 system running Ubuntu 10.4b1 32 bit, which I realize is unsupported... But just wondering if I've done something dumb/obvious to get this error.

When I try the "First Use" wizard on anything, including the vtunedemo, I get:

Mon Apr 5 02:49:13 2010 lucid32 (Run 0) Setting Sampling CPU mask to 0-7
Mon Apr 5 02:49:13 2010 lucid32 (Run 0) The processor PMU configuration file: pmn.xml
Mon Apr 5 02:49:13 2010 lucid32 (Run 0) Collection for the following event(s) is being performed:
Mon Apr 5 02:49:13 2010 lucid32 (Run 0) CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.THREAD.
Mon Apr 5 02:49:13 2010 ERROR: lucid32 (Run 0) No memory (26)

I have 3Gb of RAM available, and only have 1Gb in use when I start vtune.

Callgraph works fine.

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kfsone, I suggest you to report this problem into VTune dedicated forum. Do not forget to point your Vtune version and build. The chance to resolveyourproblemis not high since sampling is a very kernel sensitive thing and it is unlikely to work on new kernel we never tried when working on the product.

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