Programmatic way to compare processors

Programmatic way to compare processors


First of all, I apologize for asking this question in this forum. I'm aware the question is unrelated to the forum's purposes, but I just wasn't able to find another place to post it to. Feel free to move it around to wherever it best fits.

So, the question...

I am developing a program in C# using .NET 3.5 for checking if a computer has the minimum requirements for running a given installation. The main problem I am facing is regarding how to compare the current system CPU against the minimum requirements.

I'm currently using WMI to query for the installed processor, but all I get is the processor name, clock frequency and Family/Model/Stepping (along some other info that doesn't look like very helpful for what I need).

Is there any way I can compute if CPU is faster then the minimum requirements based on the information provided by WMI? Or would I have to run a benchmark and forget about WMI information?

Thanks in advance!

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Intel IPP has what you are looking for, please check the article at the following URL:


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