Using Havok

Using Havok

I feel like I'm missing something. Sorry to sound like a noob but,

-I can't seem to find where the demos project is linking to the source in source folder (VS2005 locks it because I can't rename that folder, but in the solution or project properties I can't find the path for it.

-Also, do we build the source files into a dll? And how to go about this?

I've read and can understand how to use the types defined in Havok. But to be able to set up Havok Physics and Animation in my C++ project/solution, what do I have to do?

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Also I am not using the DirectX SDK. I'm not trying to build the demos project, just figure out how it's able to access the Havok source files...

Hi Sorlaize,

In the project properties, under C/C++ you can see "Additional Include Directories" where the Source directory is listed.

Under Linker->Input you can see where the Havok libraries are included.

Is this the answer you were looking for?


Yea, I didn't know that you needed the .lib files in the lib folder, as well as those 'source' files.

So I assume I just have set my project's include directories by looking where you explained to go, and #include giving the source file names such as hk.base, just as in the demos project, like this?



Hi Sorlaize,

That's just how to do it. Let me know how you get on and if you have any more trouble getting your program running. If you run into problems setting it up with your graphics, have a look at the standalone demo to see how the world is created and destroyed there.


i dont know much, but as far as the Havok engine libraries are concerned they are available for all platforms, consoles
& PC, except Mac and Linux. would like to ask Havok to confirm whether or not their Game engine is ready
to be used on the Mac platform.



The latest Havok Complete (Physics+Animation: what's in the free version of the SDK) is released and is supported on PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Versions of Havok also run on PS2, original Xbox, PSP and GameCube.


And just to clarify there: 32-bit Windows is the only released platform for the free SDK. All other platforms must be licensed if they're needed.

Oh, and I forgot win64 :-)


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