Missing install.sh in tbb20_010oss_lin Commercially Aligned Release

Missing install.sh in tbb20_010oss_lin Commercially Aligned Release

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I downloaded the Commercially Aligned Release tbb20_010oss_lin.tar.gz file and tried to install TBB onto my Linux system using the instructions in the Installation Guide that's available on the TBB.org Documentation page.

When I unpacked my tar.gz file, there was no "install.sh" file. This has to be executed according to Step 2 of the "To install on Linux Systems" section in the Installation Guide.

So, I am unable to install TBB on my Linux system.

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The Installation Guide linked from the website is the wrong one -- hopefully this will be fixed shortly. The guide that is currently there describes how to install the commerical product, not the oss version.

On the download page, there is a paragraph that states,

"These are the download files for the 010 commercial aligned release. The sources and binaries correspond exactly to the commercial Intel TBB v2.0 010 packages. The tbb20_010oss_src package contains the sources; always download and untar this first. The tbb20_010oss_{lin,win,mac} packages contain add-on binaries for Linux*, Windows*, or Mac OS*; to use these, download and untar them, and move any desired {ia32,em64t,itanium} directories into the untarred source package, adjacent to the {build,include,src} directories there."

So to install the oss version, you first untar the _src package and then drop the _lin package on top of it. You can then set your lib and include paths appropriately.

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Also note that the packages with binaries ( _lin and others) are truly additional. One could just take an _src package and build binaries for required system by running 'make'. For more detailed build directions, please look at build/index.html in an open-source TBB package.

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Using tbb20_014oss (commercial aligned) release, I'm able to set the library up for my own usage, but cannot find information on how to do a system wide installation. Imho "install" means placing files unto /usr/include or similar, not just getting things running in a local user's directory.

I'd prefer "make install" to work, or a separate "install.sh".

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