VTune won't stop sampling when application terminates

VTune won't stop sampling when application terminates

I am using VTune 8.0.2 on windows as a client, and a VTune Remote Data Collecting server on Linux. And the application I am sampling is 400.perlbench in SPECCPU 2006.

When I run the application using the test data,the application will terminate after serveral seconds. And after the application terminates, VTune stops sampling, which is the expected behavior.

However, when I run the application on the ref data,with which the application will run forabout half an hour, VTune won't stop after the application terminates. I have to push the "Stop Sampling" button manually to stop sampling. I looked into the output ofvtserver, it acts as ifvtserver doesn't knowthat application has terminated.

Any idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance.

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