how to call intel array from CVF 6.6?

how to call intel array from CVF 6.6?

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i think this question was not answered but it is important to someone that have CVF 6.6 and has not bought the latest IVF....

I compiled the AVFRT.F90, which is located in the include directory, inorder to generate a .LIB, however it is not working.

I started a new console project, with sine2d.f90 sample codeand AVFRT.LIB and AVOBJMOD.LIB.

itdid not wok....and gave...

C:Program FilesIntelArray VisualizerSamplesFortranSine2DSine2D.f90(50) : Error: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [AVGETOBJECT]
hRoot = avGetObject("/")

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