compiler 8.1 + EMT64 + linux + mysql/apache/php

compiler 8.1 + EMT64 + linux + mysql/apache/php

Hello all,

i'm trying to compile apache/php/mysql with the Intel C++ compiler 8.1 for my new dual 3,2/2MB/EMT64 Server.
But since i am very new to compiling Linux Software by myself this is a bit tricky for me. I searched the web for several hours right now and was not able to find the best settings for my need (stable and the best performance possible)

I try compiling under CentOS 4.1 x86_64.

I hope some of you can help me finding the right settings for me to get out best performance of my new intel server :-)

thanks and greetings from tyrol
Andreas S. aka Hellkeeper

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