IPP 4.0 installation under W'98

IPP 4.0 installation under W'98

I receive the message on a Error 1720 from Windows Installer though the previous installation was successful. What it meens?

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Please submit this issue through the Intel Premier Support service. Only one thing I can guess, did you uninstall the previous installation? Was deinstallation successful?


I have the same problem on windows 2000. I have downloaded evaluation copy and never installed or uninstalled previous versions of ipp on this computer. Any way to solve the problem?



I'm going to answer myself. In my case I have limited the problem to script, that was throwing unknown exception in:
var = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
the script is fine, the problem is with Windows Scripting Runtime. I updated to the latest version (5.6) and ipp installed without problems.
Hope this helps.


thank you for sharing your experience, it definetely will help someone else.


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