4 way or 2 way Server

4 way or 2 way Server

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?
We will be replacing an older Intel Server that serves 900 students and 100
faculty members in a K-12 environment. All users have a file store on the
current and proposed new server.

Server running:
Netware 6.0
1000 users
Zenworks for Desktops
2 small client server based applications( Library automation)
Additional 250 users to access this server with wireless notebooks.

We would like to implement a server that will be sufficient and are not
certain as to implement a Dual processor server or a 4 way Processor server.
Are there any inherent problems with the 4 way and Netware? Is 4 way
overkill?? I here that 4 way is not worth its time in implementing.?
Will a dual processor server properly serve this enviroment.
Any advise is greatly appreciated,


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The Intel Business Computing web site has a wealth of information that can help you make the decision about what server configuration is right for your network. Their Intel-based Servers page is at: http://www.intel.com/ebusiness/products/server/

There is also a link to a list of Intel resellers who are qualified and trained by Intel to design, build, and support Intel Xeon processor-based servers, and who would be able to discuss your options with you: http://intel.via.infonow.net/iebc/en_US.jsp?PAGE=locator/Search.jsp

The Novell* website says that NetWare* 6 can run on as many as 32 processors: http://www.novell.com/products/netware/sysreqs.html *

I hope this is helpful.


Lexi S.

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