HLO optimizer report?

HLO optimizer report?

Hello all,
I'd like to use the optimization report generator for the ia32 module of the Intel C++ compiler. Specifically, I'm trying to determine which loops are being automatically unrolled. I understand I need to pass the argument to the compiler as follows:

"/Qopt_report_phase_hlo "

How do I view the report...is it saved in some sort of file? Thank you in advance!
- Lionel

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Hi Lionel,

Good question. The HLO report is not available currently for the IA-32 compilers. In general, you need to add the option to turn on the optimization report. If you do not specify a sub-component of the optimization report, all sub-components will be displayed. You can use the option "/Qopt_report_level max" to display the most details.

either to stdout:
icl oopack.cpp /Qopt_report /Qopt_report_phase_hlo

or to a file:
icl oopack.cpp /Qopt_report_file myreport.txt /Qopt_report_phase_hlo

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