How to do that ?

How to do that ?

if two short type integers add to store in Integers type, c/c++
int a[8];
short b[8];
short c[8];
int i;
for (i=0;i<8;i++)
a = b+;c

how to implement it with sse2 instruction?
becuase paddb, the result remain short type,

how to do the casting efficiently?


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For simple loops such as this, the compiler should just be able to vectorize.
Build this app with -QaxW on windows and -axW on Linux.
(If you are using a Pentium 4. Substitute 'W' with a 'K' if you are using a Pentium III).

Please read the Intel Pentium 4 optimization guide at for description of SSE2.

The Intel compiler links and documents can be accessed from


Also, welcome to the forum. Hope you are finding it useful.


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