Melrose SDK for AIR

Melrose SDK for AIR

Hi there, I've downloaded the Melrose SDK from this page: But I'm a bit confused as to where I can get the unique 32-digit hexadecimal number that represents my license. It seems like the kind of thing Adobe would be providing, but as of yet I've been unable to get into their private beta for Melrose. Is there some other way to get a license number? If not, the above link seems kind of useless, but I'm probably just a little off base. :) Thanks for any help!
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The GUID will be provided upon application submission. If you submit the application through the IADP portal, you don’t need to generate the GUID. It will be auto-generated for you. Please see

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

Thanks for your response, Hal. I think I'm not talking about the GUID, but again, maybe I'm mistaken.

Here's my problem. When you're using the Melrose SDK you instantiate a new license manager (and check a license) like so:

var licenseManager:LicenseManager = new LicenseManager();
licenseManager.checkLicense( this, UNIQUE_32_HEX_NUM, UPDATE_MODE, DEBUG_MODE );

So we're talking about a license number that I need before I compile my application. I did already get a GUID for my application--can I use that here, or do I need some other Adobe-issued number?

thanks again!


Thank you for your reply.
As far as I know, it's the GUID that you have to use here.
I will double check with the development team to confirm it.

Please also to the readme file that come with the SDK. You will find more information about the licensing.


Intel Technical Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

Regards, DG Rooven

Thanks Rooven, but I don't seem to be having much luck using the GUID.

The example in the SDK requires a 32-digit number (well, a string, technically), in this format

var UNIQUE_32_HEX_NUM:String="617c1d1f-e283-4ab6-be1f-55ce7f926a3f";

And the GUID I have is in this format:

No matter how I try to coax and format those numbers I get a dialogue box telling me that "Your license can not be validated."

The diagloue box seems to be dialing in to Adobe, so I'm still not sure how this would be related to the AppUp GUID.


Actually, one further question:
Although I'd love to get the license manager working, I'm really only working on a free app at the moment. If all else fails, am I actually required to use the Melrose SDK and its license manager?

thanks again!


Thanks a lot for your reply and the information provided.
I will check this with the back-end team. I will get back to you when I get a response from them on this parricular issue.


Intel Technical Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

Regards, DG Rooven

Someone asked the same question as myself on Adobe's Melrose forum:

Actually, I'll just quote the engineer:

"For the license manager, create a random GUID yourself for the application nonce.

You do not manage your AIR app thru the Intel App Up Center dashboard. You should NOT create the same app on the Intel AppUP dashboard and on the Adobe Melrose Portal. From the Adobe Melrose Portal, when your is app is ready for submission, Adobe will automatically push your app to the Intel AppUp Center for you."

This all seems a bit confusing to me, but I wonder if that could all be confirmed on Intel's side?
Thanks much.

If you are submitting your AIR application through the IADP you can just pass an empty string or null to your GUID

Below is a sample code:

private static const MY_UNIQUE_32_HEX_NUM:String = “”;
private static var UPDATE_MODE: Boolean = false;

//Set this flag to true when in debug mode
//Set this flag to false when submitting your application
private static var DEBUG_MODE: Boolean = false;

protected function initApp():void
var licenseManager:LicenseManager = new LicenseManager();
icenseManager.checkLicense(this, MY_UNIQUE_32_HEX_NUM, UPDATE_MODE, DEBUG_MODE);

Hi Cloptrabbletallynax ,

You need to specify an empty string to the GUID only when you are submitting AIR app to the Intel Atom Developer website.
Please let me know if you need further calrifications


Thanks very much, Praveen! Very good to know, as I think I might be submitting via AppUp rather than Melrose anyway.

Thanks for a valuable reply praveen

I also get the "Your license can not be validated" error.

I have uploaded the app to Intel but have not submitted.

Should it validate or does it need to go through the submission process

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