More Java developers should submit their apps and support Appup.

More Java developers should submit their apps and support Appup.

For a long time, Java on desktop has been lack of loving even there are some very good Java desktop apps and games out there. Intel Appup is the first platform/store that supports native Java on desktop and it does its best to support Java apps and spread JVM installations. As Java developers, I think that we should all support Appup to make it more successful and make Java on desktop successful. I just successfully publish my first Java app, 'Raid - Rapid Animated Image Deformation'. It's 100% Java and it's an animation software with sound recording and playing.
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Agreed. I definitely want to but I'm hindered by the lack of -Xmx (increased Heap) run time options.

I don't like the workaround of creating a Launcher jar and "hacking" a Runtime launch passing in parameters; the AppUp Packager simply MUST allow us to specify this, and until that happens I cannot publish.

Over to you Intel AppUp guys...


Well said. By providing a rich marketplace for us to deliver netbook targeted apps irregardless of programming language Intel has opened many doors for us.

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