Starting to dev for MeeGo - What am I missing?

Starting to dev for MeeGo - What am I missing?

So we just attended the Intel AppUp MeeGo series held at Gangplank in Chandler last Thursday. I'm very excited to start working on mobile app development for this platform, and I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. It wasn't abundantly clear during the seminar, but it seems to me that the MeeGo development SDK is only available on UX platforms....while the AppUp SDK (to validate and submit to the app store) is only available on WINDOWS platforms. Am I missing something or is that indeed currently the case. If that IS indeed the case, then what is the process to get my nice new MeeGo app validated and on the storefront? Thanks. Joe
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Hi Joe: Thanks for attending the event.
To develop a MeeGo app for AppUp, you need MeeGo SDK For Windows and then MeeGo AppUp SDK For Windows.
Stay tuned on appdeveloper site, there will be more information coming before end of the month.



Thanks for the reply Vincent - now I know I am missing something :)

From the site - I select Develop > MeeGo > Download MeeGo SDK and I get the following page:

Which only has linux versions of the SDK. Where can I find the MeeGo SDK for Windows?

Thanks in advance.


Ok - I'm an idiot - This time I looked in the pre-release/beta link and found the SDK for Windows....

Sorry to waste your time :)

More stuff to come, check in with us next week. We will have a portal on this site with a full list of links so you don't have to navigate the site for this stuff.

Hi! Does it mean that I can't use Meego SDK for linux since AppUp SDK only for windows?
I wonder if I can include those .a library of AppUp SDK and compile my aplication on linux?
My application is almost done on linux.
And I didn't use QT. I use GDK+.

Thanks for comment.

I wanted to give AppUpSDK_MeeGo_CPP_v0.8 a try, but i seems it requiere xp sp3, while I use sp2 ... does it also work with gratis version of msvc ?

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