How to enable virtual keyboard

How to enable virtual keyboard

Hello, when testing my application on the ExoPC with MeeGo, the virtual keyboard is not automatically shown when clicking on a text box. How can I enable the virtual keyboard that appears in other applications when a text box got a focus? Best regards and thanks for tips Andreas
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just wanted to add that this has been fixed in MeeGo 1.2 (tested with the tablet version):
it does not work perfectly, but when you touch few times inside a text box now the virtual keyboard pops up.

Best regards

Hi Andreas:

Can I ask you what you used for the constructing that text box?



Hello Vincent,

first thank you very much for your reply.

I've used the LineEdit widget most of the time, but I thought I've tested it also with a TextEdit widget.

Best regards

Are you willing to use QML such as this example:

// text input box
Rectangle {
id: my_text_box
radius: 2
anchors.topMargin: 32
anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
anchors.bottomMargin: 22
width: parent.width * 0.25
height: input.font.pixelSize + 8
color: "white"

TextInput {
id: input
anchors.centerIn: parent
width: parent.width - 8
font.pixelSize: 32


The reason is I am unsure of the Qt C++ classes you mentioned will have the signals to trigger the virtual keyboard. I can give it a try.
But this code above does trigger the virtual keyboard.

And i can show you how to pass the text string back to C++ if you want to go down this path.


Hello Vincent,

sorry, I never worked with QML before:
I just used the designer to create the UI and there I can't see a "TextInput" control to be added.

There are just "Line Edit", "Text Edit", "Plain Text Edit", "Text Browser" and something like that.

Best regards

Hi Andres: Let me do some investigation and get back to you.


Hello Vincent,

great, thank you!

Best regards

MTextEdit::setAutoSipEnabled should do it ?


Hello David,

first thanks for your reply again.

But I've got two questions about that:
1. shouldn't that automatically enabled for each text box or do I really have to manually enable that for each single text box?
2. I'm not yet really familiar with the MeeGo object model, but I'm using "QTextEdit" and "QLineEdit". So what's the difference between a "MTextEdit" and a "QTextEdit"?

Best regards

please try to do like below in terminal.

export QT_IM_MODULE=MInputContext
and then execute your app

i could use virtual keboard even in qtcreator.

Hello Manonfire,

thanks for your comment.

I'll tried that now, but without success:
also after entering this command in a terminal and starting my app afterwards no virtual keyboards pops up when clicking in a text box.

Maybe you could download my free app "Energy Costs Calculator for MeeGo" from the MeeGo app store and click in a text box yourself there:
do you get a virtual keyboard displayed then?

Best regards and thanks again

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