Why not install apps on MeeGo?

Why not install apps on MeeGo?

Greetings to all I have installed on MeeGo1.2 AppUp'm trying to install Darwinia Demo Meego and download bar appears but then goes Installing but then leaves the button that says 'Download'. I install and TweeMee Glow and left button 'Launch' I'm trying to upload a photo to give you an example, but not let me upload. I'm sorry PD: No matter what the problem I still like meego & AppUp.The AppUp I'm glad you have done to Meego. Thanks.
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I use this free service (http://imageshack.us/) to upload images and paste link here. Please post a screen shot if possible.

Sorry for the delay ,I've had a lot of work, and thanks for answering.
Also I'm trying to find a software to record desktop for meego, So you can see in pictures and videos so you will make it easier for you experts
here you have the photo, I prepare with gimp:)


I hope it is of some help,if you need more info, please ask me,I'm no expert but no matter

Thanks & greetings

Hi Manuel2011:

Sorry for the trouble you are facing. Can you open up a terminal in your MeeGo machine and issue this command:

cat /etc/meego-release

And post here what the content of that file is?



Thanks reply

(Sorry for the trouble you are facing) don't worry

ok, in the terminal says:
MeeGo release 1.2.0 (MeeGo)
BUILD: meego-netbook-ia32-1.2.0

Greetings & Thanks.

Hi Manuel:

I am guessing (I could be wrong), you are missing a runtime library.

Can you open a terminal, and type:

zypper search webkit

and let me know what the output is?
Make sure your machine has internet access when you type this line.


Hi vya;
follow all your instructions, in the terminal says:

S | Name | Summary | Type
i | WebKit-gtk | GTK+ port of WebKit | package
| WebKit-gtk-devel | Development files for WebKit | package
| libqtwebkit-devel | Web content engine library for Qt -> | package
| libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin | Qt WebKit QML plugin | package
i | libqtwebkit4 | Web content engine library for Qt -> | package

libraries that are not installed.

Greeting and sorry for late answer


Hi Manuel:

This appears to be a bug with our system. I will file a bug on it.



Ooo ,ok thanks you very much vyan.

that will resolve with the next updates?

Thanks & Greetings

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