Meego Database support

Meego Database support

Hi All, I am planning to develop a small database(10 tables) project in Meego netbook for Intel AppUp using Qt creator in my windows developer enviornment. And i have microsoft Access database ready in my hand.Please clarify me the following concerns 1)Can i use the same access db in Meego also. 2)IF not what would be the possible alternative;please provide me some work arounds. 3)Is there any way i can incorporate the same Access db into xml format ; If yes can i use sql statement over that xml file? Please help me ; its urgent Thanking you all, Vshnu
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Hi Vshnu:

sqlite is bundled within MeeGo. However, it has no transaction locking last time I checked. If you need concurrent access, you will need to implement locking yourself.

Alternatively, the file system is btrfs on MeeGo. In theory, flat file DB (yes, it is going back to 60s) could also have good performance. This is especially true if devices have SSD drives.


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