Validation failing for signed jars??

Validation failing for signed jars??

Hi All, I signed my jar and can see the RSA and other file in the jar yet according to the validation team my jar failed. Now I signed it according to what intel said to do which is to sign at the top or the single jar level. I use Comodo and have for years. So what could be happening??? Thanks, -Tony
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I informed the validation team and they are looking into it. I suspect they are using a automatic validation program and they did not bother to visually look inside the jars that were rejected.

I reminded them today it is important to get this resolved quickly since every deployment they reject means customers do not get needed enhancements and bug fixes.

I really hope Intel listens.


Technical Marketing Engineer solved the problem. Seems I needed to specify extra cert info be found and added to the cert when exporting the cert from the browser else the validation program can not detect the CA. I was using Java Web Start for several years and it knew how to detect the CA without the extra info.

I have re-submitted my apps with the new extra singing info.

Thanks to the Engineer who helped!!

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