Application is not authorized to run on this account and device

Application is not authorized to run on this account and device

After installation while launching the application, some of the users of my application is getting a message that application is not authorized to run on this account and device. Application is developed using HTML with javascript and packaged for windows using Encapsulator. Only couple of users are getting this message. App is available as free application. Has anyone seen this error?
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I'm assuming the users that are getting this error message is downloading your application from the AppUp Store. What is the name of your application?


Jim, users are downloading from AppUp store and except couple of them everyone else is fine. Name of the app is "Animal Memory Fun".

Yeah, I have the this error message with your app.
Launching from inside AppUp and directly from Windows, both fail. Also, a reboot after installation didn't help.
Another JS/html5 app I made with encapsulator works fine, though.
I'm happy to serve as a test case - if someone tells me what to look for/do/etc.

Thank you for testing my application.

Can you please help us since only some of the users are getting that they are not authorized to use on device? This is a strange message provided the application is free.

Thank you


Sorry for the lack of response. I'm one of the engineers in the AppUp SDK Engineering team and have multiple facets of the SDK's going on. Let me investigate this further to see if we can recreate this issue, now that I have the app name.


Quick update. I am able to reproduce the unauthorization. Let me investigate further and update you with what is going on.


sent you a PM.

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