Android on D945GSEJT

Android on D945GSEJT

Hello everybody,

I am trying to run android on a D945GSEJT board (Atom N270). I successfully booted an image from Android-x86 (eeePC version of Android 4 RC2), and now I have a few questions.

Is there any official source code/port for Atom N270 processor? I am working on an University project around this board and Android 4, and part of that project involves building and running Android from source.

If I want to connect to the Atom board from my development PC and run an Android project, the only option is using ADB over TCP-IP? Or is there any way to create a "USB Device" from the D945 and plug it in the development PC?

Thanks very much,


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It looks like nobody here can answer your question. You should try to ask your question again on the website of the Android-x86 project.


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