Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0 is now available

Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0 is now available

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is a highly optimized, extensively threaded, and thread-safe library of mathematical functions for engineering, scientific, and financial applications that require maximum performance. The Intel MKL 11.0 packages are now ready for download. Intel MKL is available as a stand-alone product and as a part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013, Intel® C++ Studio XE 2013, Intel® Composer XE 2013, Intel® Fortran Composer XE 2013, and Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013. Please visit the Intel® Software Evaluation Center to evaluate this product.

Intel® MKL 11.0 Bug fixes

What's New in Intel® MKL 11.0 : Release Notes


Sridevi Allam
Technical consulting engineer - Intel MKL
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I updated my MKL recently and noticed that the man pages are no longer available.

I hope it is accidental rather than intentional omission. The man pages were very handy because they had the prototypes for similar routines nicely grouped together and described. For example 'man gemm' covered everything *gemm from sgemm to dzgemm + even f95 prototype.

Would it be possible to bring the man pages back in the MKL archive/rpm?

Best regards

no it was done intentionally.
Please read the Release notes:
The Intel MKL Reference Manual in HTML format is no longer available with the product
Man pages and Eclipse help integration are no longer provided

the documentation can be found on the main mkl product page


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